Professional Dental Cleaning and Exams in Kalamazoo, MI

Dental Cleanings and Checkups

The American Dental Association encourages patients to schedule exams and teeth cleanings at least twice every year. Twice-annual exams and cleanings refresh your breath and smile and reduce the risks of periodontal disease, cavities and even heart attacks. Trust KZoo Family Dental to give you and your family thorough, rejuvenating dental cleanings and checkups in Kalamazoo, MI. We provide years of experience and care to make your smile feel good as new.
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Cleanings Keep Your Smile Refreshed

Many patients forget to schedule a cleaning once every six months. People’s lives get busy, and regular dental care often falls by the wayside while other responsibilities take priority. However, receiving routine cleanings is vital to enhancing patient health and helping them feel confident in their smile. Dentists at KZoo Family Dental use cutting-edge tools and equipment during dental cleanings to sanitize hidden areas of the mouth that standard home floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste cannot reach. Dental cleanings remove tough plaque buildup and bacteria, reducing risks of tooth decay and loss.
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Dental Exams Maintain Exceptional Oral Health

Dentists perform exams to assess your overall oral health. Exams include inspecting your teeth, gums and interior tissues like your cheeks and tongue. Dentists look for signs of oral health concerns like infection, damage to the teeth or gums and oral cancer. They will check your mouth for gum disease and severe tartar buildup.

If you’re a returning patient, we’ll ask you if anything has changed since your last exam. Are you experiencing recent or chronic tooth pain? Have you noticed strange bumps or nods within your mouth? If you’re a new patient, we’ll learn about your previous dental and medical history so we know what specific parts of your mouth we should monitor closely. We can take 3d digital X-rays for in-depth analysis, implement preventative treatments and customize care plans to improve your oral health condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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