Kzoo Family Dental is perfect for all 3 of our kids! Dr. Bud and Dr. Sortman TRULY know what they're doing! Plus a very kind and friendly dentist and staff always leaves you smiling. Just as good if not much better than larger clinics!
Dan W.
My bi-annual cleaning experience was very pleasant. Keisha, the dental hygienist, was knowledgeable and efficient. She had reviewed my chart and noticed I have some sensitive areas and took great care to make the cleaning comfortable. She also introduced me to power scaling and did an amazing job! Very pleased!
Yevette R.
The new dental hygienist I had was awesome. She uses a new technique using ultrasonic scaling that made my trip so much nicer and shorter!!!! The new dentist communicates well and explained my questions perfectly. I’m so glad I stuck with this practice after the transition from Dr. Kean!
Lois H.
For my 1st visit, I was very impressed. Very clean, very nice, excellent facility. Everyone was kind, friendly, and respectful. The Doctor and all the techs were very qualified, knowledgeable, and made me feel like I was in excellent hands. I had almost no wait time. Very professional, proficient, and efficient. I feel like I got very lucky in finding Kzoo Family Dental.
G. Kent
All of the staff was very opening and welcoming. The dentist was absolutely great she got right to it and explained any questions or concerns I had. She did great work and my teeth feel great!
Clayton B.
The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Sortman was very thorough and informative about my procedure I would have to go through. I have the utmost confidence that my upcoming procedure is going to be in great hands. I recommend this office for these reasons.
Tracy B.
Was dreading my dental cleaning appt today and was pleasantly surprised with my experience. Keesha was very pleasant and efficient. She was professional and I felt like I was in great hands. Thank you!
Brad F.
Everyone in the office is very kind, welcoming and informative! They all took the time to explain the billing, procedure and aftercare to me. I had a great experience!
Kiah M.
The friendliest staff and I am always in and out for my appointments. I will always recommend this office—great experience every time.
Emalie W.
The entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure the as a patient, you’re taken care of from the moment you begin service. Timely, quality dentistry work.
Kendall B.
Easy to make appointments, on time schedules, with minimal waiting, excellence in dental work, easy to talk to! Totally a great choice in Dentistry
Bill K.
I had a wonderful experience with everyone I interacted with for my first visit. This might be the first time I can say I'm looking forward to going back to the dentist! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and transparent. Highly recommend.
Jessica H.
They worked quickly to get me in when I had excruciating pain. I was not previously a patient, but I will always choose this office now! Staff was professional and efficient without being cold and standoff-ish. Although I was in pain, they provided an excellent experience!
Jessica B.
Kelley the dental Hygienist was amazing to work with! She walked me through each step and explained what she was doing! This was much appreciated! Paige at the front desk was extremely helpful and friendly to work with!
Kelsey O.
People are very capable, qualified, and friendly. They take care of my dental needs and make me feel cared for and happy. I keep you all in my prayers. God bless.
M. Sones
I finally found a dentist office that makes you feel comfortable. And explains what is going to be taking place. Highly recommend them. Thank for having me for a patient
Mary R.
Everyone at this office are all so nice and very personable. They get you in to be seen quickly in the event of an emergency. I would highly recommend them!
Debra O.
They did my sons fillings! And got him out quick fast, and in a hurry! And they were super friendly, thank you sooo much!
Angela C.

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