Dental Tooth Extraction Procedure in Kalamazoo

Feel Peaceful During Tooth Extractions in Kalamazoo, MI

Feeling hesitant or anxious is normal when your dentist recommends an unusual or serious dental procedure. KZoo Family Dental is here to put your fears at ease by performing safe and comfortable root canals throughout Kalamazoo, MI. Our dental office offers the accommodations children and adults need to feel secure. Our dentists carefully perform extractions with sanitized equipment and strict adherence to safety procedures. Feel confident in your procedure.
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Our Process Will Put You at Ease

At KZoo Family Dental, our experienced dentists follow a safe and effective tooth extraction process to remove the decayed, damaged, or impacted tooth. Our tooth extraction includes:

  • Anesthesia: We begin by applying anesthesia to the affected tooth. This will help numb the pain and help you relax during the extraction.
  • Remove the Tooth: Next, we utilize innovative and safe dental tools to gently loosen the tooth. In some situations, including extreme decay and damage, incisions may be made to access the tooth root.
  • Stitches: Finally, we’ll clean and disinfect the gums to eliminate any bacteria in the wound. We’ll stitch the wound to help improve recovery.
Tooth Extraction in Kalamazoo, MI

How to Recover From a Tooth Extraction

Our dentists recommend treating the affected area gently and with the needed care after your extraction. Doing so will quicken the recovery process and reduce complications, so you can get back to your normal activities.

Make sure to eat soft, nutritious foods and consume plenty of water during your recovery. You can brush and floss your teeth as usual but avoid brushing the targeted area until it is sufficiently healed. Thoroughly rinse and wash your mouth with water 12 hours after your procedure and do so three times a day until it’s fully healed to keep the area clean.

Schedule a follow-up exam if you experience continued pain, soreness or inflammation after recovery. Our team will assess your mouth, find the cause of your continual pain and develop a treatment to get you back to normal.

Tooth Extraction Procedure in Kalamazoo

Providing Safety and Comfort for Children and Families

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