Emergency Dentistry Treatment in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Emergency Dentistry

Receive instant pain relief through KZoo Family Dental, a leading provider of emergency dentistry throughout Kalamazoo, MI. We offer same-day appointments and urgent dental care for individuals, families and children. We understand the worry and toll that urgent dental health issues create. Our team strikes immediately, assessing your oral health and developing fast-acting, customized solutions. We will restore your oral health and get you back to normal.
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Dental Care When You Need It Most

Our dentists prepare for the unexpected. We understand that accidents happen. Unfortunately, an accidental trip, fall or even biting down too hard can result in a broken or cracked tooth. Sudden or chronic tooth pain almost always indicates a larger, more severe oral health issue. If your tooth is damaged during an accident, or a toothache won’t go away on its own, schedule an exam today. Our same-day scheduling ensures fast treatment time and effective dental procedures. Our emergency root canals and extractions are performed with safety as a top priority.
Emergency dental care available in Kalamazoo, MI

Same-Day Appointments for Urgent Care

Receiving immediate dental care after an accident or after chronic discomfort is essential to making you better. Ignoring the pain or putting off appointments can significantly worsen your issue and perhaps threaten your health and safety. KZoo Family Dental recommends scheduling a same-day or urgent appointment if:

  • You have sudden or unrelenting toothaches after an accident or for an unknown reason.
  • A fall or slip or getting hit in the mouth has swollen up your jaw or gums.
  • Your gums are sore, inflamed or bleeding, or they’re receding from your teeth.
  • Your teeth have obvious cracks and breakage, or your teeth are falling out.
  • You’ve lost fillings, crowns &  bridges, dental implants, or other needed oral health devices.
  • Decay, infection, or bacteria buildup is causing you unbearable pain and suffering.
Patient receiving same-day urgent dental care in Kalamazoo

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